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"These designs make me feel nostalgic. Like a tween before the term was coined. Like an early '90s brat."
"I guess it is really important to take a probiotic every day. Fair enough—I just like the idea of 50,000,000,000 little guys in that tiny bottle!"
"Thanks to Dakine for hooking up every band I have ever been in with luggage. These bags fit so much, are so clever in design, and they make even the most ragtag group of musicians look unified in the airports of the world."
"My dear friend Jenny Reyes designs this collection, Geronimo. She has been making my stage costumes (with help from her grandmother) for years! I always take at least one bathing suit with me on every tour even if I don't end up dipping my toes in the ocean."
"I never thought that I'd want to smell like an avocado, but I guess I do. This is a perfect size to keep in your purse."
"For the weary at heart and the frizzy at head—after showering in a Super 8 motel, this slick stuff smooths out even the kinkiest of do's."
"I am considering making a coffee-table book of photographs of all of the bathrooms that I have to wash my face in after shows on the road—this is not glamorous stuff! Oh, the horror of a post-show unisex restroom with no hot water! Luckily, these makeup remover wipes are always on hand if the circumstances are too dire for even this road dog."
"My friend Rachel Antonoff designed this line of shoes for Bass. I wore these at Coachella and felt the envious eyes of the ladies out in the desert gazing upon my saddle shoes! Love 'em!"
"When Kate and Laura (Mulleavy, of Rodarte) gave me this amazing jacket, I nearly fell over. We made this cool short film together at my house with Kenneth Anger."
"I believe this scent was originally formulated for Shiseido in 1992. I wore it every day in high school, then they discontinued it so I scoured every store in Chinatown and eBay for my favorite scent. Alas, Serge Lutens reissued it a few years back."