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“I love the bright lip colors from MAC for wearing on stage, particularly this matte one—Ruby Woo!”
“This American Apparel black denim triangle skirt has been with me for years, and I usually combine it with vintage blouses for a fun stage look. Very handy.”
“My Ted Baker hooded black cape: Not only is it gorgeous and stylish, but it’s like a big blanket to wrap around me and make me feel safe.”
“Love Stila. No one else is making lipstick in a compact like this anymore! It has a mirror, too, so I can touch up backstage in dive bars.”
“Sometimes when I wear these Calvin Klein floral cotton pajama pants on the road, people don't know I'm in PJs. They just think I'm a hippie, which I am …”
“I need lots of opaque colored tights from Target, H&M or American Apparel—they change up the outfit I'm wearing, which is essential for not getting bored on tour. They’re also good in cold weather!”
“I wear a Champion elastic sports bra when i can actually be bothered to exercise on the road. I never regret it when I do, and I must have the girls securely fastened.”
“The pattern on this black-and-white patterned tank top from Topshop is just like my video for 'Trouble Is a Friend,' so I love wearing it when I play that song.”
“I guarantee that if you ask an Aussie girl if she has this in her bag, she’ll say yes. It's the best all-in-one product—it has a Vaseline base with fermented papaya, which has healing properties. It works as a lip balm, on cuts and burns, as a moisturizer and eye cream—you name it!”
“Jerome C. Rousseau makes the most divine shoes, and they're very comfortable, which is important when you're performing every night. He also made a "Lenka" shoe inspired by me (coming out soon), so I feel very honored to be a muse for the first time!”