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Ladylike perfection, but with a bit of designy edge to make it young and undowdy.
A hot color will look great with Middleton's glossy brunette coloring; the tailoring keeps it in the realm of appropriateness.
If she can’t get too crazy with shape, Middleton can get bolder with color; fluorescent yellow isn’t for the timid, but the navy suit takes it down a notch.
Demure in shape and in a crowd-pleasing color.
Perfect for her "casual" moments; trying some Canadian foods, for example, or doing anything slightly athletic.
Come cocktail hour, she’ll be thrilled to slide into something relaxed. The statement necklace looks vaguely moose-like, which the Canadians will like.
So cool, so comfortable, and perfect for a morning of looking ravishing while meeting local dignitaries.
Fellow titled Brit certainly would have some good thoughts on how to clothe her monarch-in-training. This sexy-but-not-too-much-skin dress, for example, is cocktail-hour perfection.