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"This piece positively transforms an outfit. I wear it onstage a lot. It's heavy like a warrior's armor. It makes me feel strong and sexy."
"This color is transfixing. It's more ethereal than just brown and I find it more classic than the simile minky gray-brown. I like to throw on a topcoat of gold-flecked polish for a little dimension and stage sparkle!"
"This all-purpose, asymmetrical magician of a dress has been a standby for the last three national tours! I just can't quit it! I can wear it beltless for a romantic flowy look, I can throw on a thin patent leather belt low-slung for a laid-back look, or a bold statement belt cinched tight at the waist for a golden goddess of rock look. Any way I wear it, I am obsessed."
"This is the perfect festival bag. It's got just enough room for whatever I might need; but it's shallow enough that I don't need to dig for hours! The leather is perfectly buttery and the studs look awesome with any outfit and feel cool against your skin on a hot day!"
"This is my summer scent! A perfect blend of sexy and youthful. I like the body oil because it's not as potent as the perfume and it leaves my skin super-glowy and soft. (Although I must admit I've been known to throw it on in the middle of the winter for a little pick-me-up!)"
"I just bought this dress for a trip to Spain and I cannot take it off! I've always loved bold stripes, but they can be tricky. The asymmetrical seams and perfect draping make this the MOST flattering striped dress in the world!"
"This stuff is gold for stage! It makes my arms and legs look flawless. It's a little much for regular daily use, so I blend it with body lotion for a more subtle look. Use too much and I look like Goldfinger."
"I'm legally blind so I'm actually required to pack these on any trip … so why not make it fun? I had my local optometrist customize this pair of classic sunglasses into my driving/reading glasses. Plus, the color gives me a great excuse to pop on some bright red lipstick!"
"There's only one Moroccan Oil. I've tried generic brands in a pinch and it always winds up looking stringy and oily. My hair goes through the ringer and I like to treat it nice with this luscious formula. The subtle smell is so sexy. I buy multiple bottles when I can find it. Now I've got all the Nocturnals addicted to it!"
"This stuff is getting more and more popular and harder and harder to find! I buy 10 bottles when I can find it! It's lighter and softer than your typical dry shampoo. It never leaves that creepy powdery look or that sticky, tacky matte finish. I like my hair to flow naturally on stage. This is the stuff for that!"