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A Lady's Leather
Leather skirts typically evince “I think I’m sexy,” coming in mini to micro-mini sizes. But when you drop the hem, embellish with a laser-cut flower pattern and add pleats, you end up with an exquisitely feminine look. A+.
Frolicking in the Flowers
Here’s an example of how the small things can make an entire look. Take out the floral details and you’re left with a very simple dress in a not-so-vibrant color. Once you plant the flowers, you’ve got a playful, vintage feel. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the dress is a perfect fit.
Animal Jumpsuits
Not everybody can wear prints. Not everybody can wear jumpsuits. So when you can pull them off at the same time, why would you deny yourself?
Aye Aye, Capitano
When wearing a jacket as a dress, it’s hard to avoid that whole “Are you going to flash me?” glance from passersby. In this case, OscarPRGirl keeps us at ease. The knit fabric with the striped graphic-flare isn’t your traditional outerwear material, while the wide leather belt is chic reassurance that she has better things to do than give us all a free show.
Leopard for a Lady
A tiered-lace skirt, ruffled collar and cinched waist make for a very feminine and ethereal look. The leopard-print belt vamps it up a bit, shifting it from a “lady who lunches” to a “lady who lunches and then goes for martinis.”
Texture is Key
From afar, you can appreciate the flirty, sophisticated glitz. Up close, you’ll be even more impressed by the energy it took to attach all those amazing gold lilies. This kind of detailed workmanship is very Oscar de la Renta, and ubiquitous in his collections.
High and Wide
High-waisted, wide-leg trousers ooze old Hollywood glamour, allowing you to sweep dramatically through your day. Combined with a bold coral hue and a simple, sleek top, we’ve got color-blocked perfection.
When one of our editors saw this, she instantly thought of Madonna’s Desperately Seeking Susan jacket, albeit a more sophisticated version. Although it may have thrown us back to the 80’s for a moment, the gold thread, fur collar and length make it undeniably chic for any decade.
Pretty in Painterly
No matter the season, you can always count on vibrant patterns from Oscar de la Renta. This particular print was inspired by a drawing from Mr. de la Renta’s grandson, who we’re thinking has a future in textile design. So the next time you're getting ready to go out, take a note from Mr. de la Renta and Ms. OscarPRGirl and go with color.
Black and White
We love the peek-a-boo midriff, which offsets the skirt's traditional length and adds a modern edge to the look. Even more, we love a good window-pane print—it’s plaid’s extra polished, elegant cousin.