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“I put this on before shows, right before my makeup. It makes my skin feel super smooth, and my makeup always seems to last a lot longer.”
“At the end of a long day of travel and shows, I like to treat myself to a hot shower. The aroma of this wash is so therapeutic, and it's made from natural ingredients.”
“I don't like to deal with oily makeup removers; instead, I use this wash in the shower.”
“Being in a new city every day, I'm not always on top of the weather conditions. This tiny umbrella fits in my purse, and never leaves me out in the rain.”
“Too much traveling and not enough sleep = tired eyes. I use this combo every night so I can wake up feeling and looking refreshed.”
“I use this in my hair to tame my waves when I wake up. I loooove the way it makes my hair smell.”
“A sure way to make a hotel room feel more like home. This is the perfect travel size and I'm in love with the scent.”
“If I'm traveling somewhere cold and wet, or playing at a muddy festival, it's a sure bet that I will bring these wellies. Comfortable and cute, and they work really well with leggings or shorts.”
“I'm addicted to these sweats—they’re perfect for yoga on the road, or just for relaxing in."
“When I need a little cover up before a show, this is my go-to.”
“Infused with peppermint and eucalyptus, this stuff rejuvenates my hair and scalp. When left in for a few minutes it tingles, and relaxes my neck.”
“I'm all about flat shoes and boots. Right now I'm into the brown 1/4 calf boots. They’re perfect for performing in—especially when I’m using my loop pedal.”
“I've been using this magical trifecta for years. It leaves my face clean, moisturized, and refreshed. I'll never leave home without it.”