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“Pink lipstick is part of my identity. I've worn it consistently since I was 18. And the one I wear is made up of three shades so that it glows onstage.”
“It was a gift from my sister. It's a classic.”
“A gift from Stefano and Dominico. They are so lovely to artists, and personally e-mail people. That counts for a lot. It has three compartments—probably the most practical bag I've ever had!”
“It's bubblegum pink, only $7 here and has a matte-opaque finish. I like things to be matte—phones, lips, cheeks, nails.”
“A staple by American Apparel. I wear them a lot with Mary Jane platforms. You can buy innocence nowadays!”
"By Henry Holland. They are so '90s girl band and i LOVE that. I have them in 3 colors and are wearing them a lot right now. It's like a brand new take on the fluffy hair bobbles form Britney's "Baby One More Time" vid."
“Facial cream. I don’t know if it does anything, but it is definitely the best moisturizer money can buy. So I bought it. I guess I don’t know if it's worth it. See ya when I'm 90 and I will tell ya then.”
“I am constantly writing, and have ideas for songs, lyrics, videos, live sets popping into my head. I have three journals I am oscillating between right now.”
“It is my favorite—bought from Topshop when I first got signed. My friend Zoe, who is a great designer, embroidered a massive diamond on the back. She's known under Jervoise Jackets.”
“It's from his collection with Adidas. It’s black, covered in tassels and makes me feel like a homeboy (it’s REALLY BAGGY).”