It's an #ArmParty and Everybody's Invited!

A closer look at the bracelet craze Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller) started, through the lens of an instagram hashtag.

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Here's one from the pro herself.


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A bangle at the bottom, a cuff in between, some friendship bracelets on top of that. Throw in a watch and maybe one more bangle for good measure and you've got yourself an arm party. (Or #armparty in Twitter-speak.) It's sort of like a gauntlet for the fashion set. We've been seeing them everywhere lately, so we decided to catch up with the woman who coined the now common term, Leandra Medine, aka, The Man Repeller.

So, arm party, how did you come up with that? Spontaneous moment or well-thought-out genesis?
Totally just happened, I often refer to any sequined garment as a (insert body part here) party and one day I just looked down at my wrist and eureka, party on the arm.

Do you remember when you first referred to the stack on your wrist as an arm party?
Must have been around January. It was when I first became really friendly with the DANNIJO girls and I told them I was having a party on my wrist and they were invited. They both laughed so hard, I thought they were being generous. GUESS IT WAS GENUINE!

At minimum, how many guests-er-bangles and stuff are required to make an arm party?
Depends on the nature of the bracelets present. If it's just one huge cuff, that's a party in itself but if you're stacking, I'd say...three's a party.

Have you ever used an arm party as a means of self defense?
I accidentally cut a friend's lip once while hugging him. It wasn't on purpose but he remains a friend, if you know what I'm saying.

Who are your favorite designers of arm party appropriate accessories?
DANNIJO, Shashi, Noir, Black and Blake and for more fancy touches: Hermès and my dad's company, Mark Henry!

So now that you've got all the details on arm partying, check out our favorites. found after scouring the #armparty hashtag on instagram.

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