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As Lucky assistants, we see it all. This week we're fitting for a December feature in the closet, pitching Gift Guide ideas and starting to plan our Fashion Week schedules. Here's what's inspiring us on the side.
Dana Mendelowitz - contributing accessories assistant
Did somebody say #armparty? We all went crazy over these Noir lanyard bracelets the second we laid eyes on them! The lanyard reminds us of summer camp craft projects, but the gold toggles make them super luxe. They're perfect for stacking with all of our other bracelets (and hair elastics). And at $25, we can buy them for all of our besties, too.
Jaclyn Little - fashion assistant
I’m a huge fan of the snooze button. HUGE – like 12 times a morning huge. Unfortunately, this leaves very little time to make sure that my clothes are wrinkle free. Thank goodness for this baby–The Jiffy J2000 steamer. It heats up in less than a minute (I actually timed it), and takes wrinkles out in no time, unlike the tortuous process of ironing. It may have a heftier price tag than most steamers, but it has yet to stain a garment, doesn’t spew water like some and I’ll save money on the once-common “I’m so late” cab fare. It’s so easy and fun to use that my boyfriend now asks if he can steam anything for me in the mornings...good boyfriend, or AWESOME steamer?
Alison Syrett - assistant digital editor
Managing breakout-prone skin during the sweaty summer is like navigating a mine field.This all-natural creamy moisturizer has literally saved my face this season! Plus, it has the best piney-fresh smell.
Margaret Williamson - fashion market assistant
Maybe it’s the thrill of buying items that would never make it into my personal shopping budget. Maybe it’s that I’m Southern. In either case, I take choosing hostess gifts extra seriously. For an old friend who will house me for two nights in Mississippi this fall, I’m bringing along the latest William Eggleston photography book. For Now is a group of pictures compiled from the photographer’s archives. This is the fourth or fifth Eggleston book I've given as a gift. At this point, I might be able to justify buying a copy for myself.
Bobby Schuessler - special sections assistant
One of the best parts about working in special sections is working on all markets and testing the beautiful home goods that come our way. When these "Teas From Around the World" came from Blissliving Home, I gasped. Everything from the packaging to the coloring is divine. While I may not be drinking the tea, the box is brightening up my desk beautifully.
Adrianna Barrionuevo – assistant fashion credits editor
I’m a sucker for any and all foundations/mineral powders/concealers, so when I came across Tarte’s Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer I immediately tried it and fell in love. It gives great coverage without feeling heavy, and—best of all—it has SPF (which is a must).
Sajel K. Shah - beauty assistant
I usually don’t like to purchase seasonal staples so far in advance but this time I couldn’t resist. I love how this coat goes with everything and is slightly boyish without being oversize. Not to mention: it's a total steal.
Noelle Sciacca - fashion market assistant
There’s a special shoe-shaped hole in my heart and Lela Rose's Payless collection knows how to fill it. I first saw these booties back in February when they stomped down Lela’s Fall 2011 runway and immediately knew that I had to have them. Since I've been so patient, I think that I’ll also treat myself to one or two of the other styles the label has to offer. View them all on