Matchy-Matchy is No Longer a Fashion Faux Pas

We round up our favorite perfectly paired ensembles.

Photo: courtesy of Jill Stuart

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in their denim-clad heyday, pajamas on Christmas morning, Dumb & Dumber's plaid tuxedos, me and my brothers as kids in the most random checkered ensembles.... The term "matchy-matchy" triggers a lot of bells, "chic" not really being one of them. But could it be that our vision is deceiving us, like one of those 3-D Magic Eye posters that I could never quite figure out? I don’t think so. The matching sets of tops and bottoms popping up in resort collections, ranging from Celine to Stella to Gucci, are indeed the real deal—as are the single-print looks currently filling racks located beyond sleepwear departments.

And guess what? Though these head-to-toe mono-patterned get-ups are pretty out there, they're actually also pretty cute—even if it is in that trippy, "Woah, I CAN see a 3-D cat drinking out of a bowl!" kind of way.

So, tell me, do you believe in magic?