Men in Heels: It’s Happening

Believe it or not, guys are getting into stilettos.

Photo Credit: Andrew Mukamal

High heels—particularly the iconic stiletto—are the epitome of sexiness and femininity. But why? Perhaps we’re too quick to assign certain shoe styles to certain genders. Especially given the emergence of an elite group of men who take pleasure in wearing exquisite women’s shoes. In public.

We’re not talking clear stripper heels, here. These guys prefer Fendi over Frederick's any day. You can spy these trendsetters on any street style blog. They exist in more abundance that you might believe.

One of those heel-wearing men is fashion industry insider Andrew Mukamal. He’s an editor at a teen magazine, and widely known as PR maven Kelly Cutrone’s former assistant (not to mention THE BEST character on her reality show, Kell on Earth). Andrew and I met last year on a market appointment at Cutrone's PR firm People’s Revolution. After exchanging pleasantries, his focus shifted straight down to my footwear: five inch Burberry wedges. He didn’t simply tell me that he liked them—he wanted a pair for himself.

“My fascination with the restrictions men have to abide to in their wardrobes started when I was a student studying history,” he says. “Ever since women entered the work force during the second World War, their wardrobes have changed dramatically. Over the course of the last 50 years, women have pretty much adopted all forms of menswear in some variation, and most importantly, these new options have become widely accepted by the general public. Rarely do people contemplate how restricted men are in their every day wardrobes.”

Of course, women are saddled with our fair share of restrictions. (Do we need to name them?) But men don’t always have it easy—especially when it comes to wardrobe selection. John Lobb loafers certainly aren’t comfortable in a heat wave. At least most ladies can wear strappy sandals to work when the number hits 100 degrees.

What’s more, heels are simply more flattering. They make your legs look longer and leaner. They add proportion to a skinny jean. They allow me to pass as 5’10” when I’m only 5’5” on a good day. The best a guy can hope for is a pair of dunks with a little hidden platform. Or a cowboy boot with a slight heel? Oh, and oxfords with a lift. Slim, not-so-chic pickings.

“It's not about trying to look like a woman,” explains Andrew. “It's about doing and wearing whatever is necessary to create the perfect look, the perfect moment.”

We concur. How do you feel about men wearing high heels?

Photo Credit: Karl Edwin-Guerre