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"Heat and humidity during summer shows, plus being on stage can make your hair go crazy. Running straight from performing to interviews, hats have become my new best friend."
"I'm not a morning person whatsoever, and they just make life easier."
"Living on a bus with 10 boys, plus long drives leaves me always wanting to smell something nice. I'm addicted to this stuff."
"They're so comfortable, and versatile. Plus, I enjoy feeling like I’m in the '70s sometimes."
"I'm constantly needing to carry my headphones, laptop and change of clothes after a show, and I couldn't survive without having 12 different pockets for everything."
"I've used this stuff forever, and it's definitely nice after being in the sun all day. Plus again, on a stinky tour bus, it's nice to just have something refreshing and summery around."
"Summer or winter, I don't care. I feel so much more comfortable in tights on stage, I never have to worry about jumping around in dresses. I can just be myself."
"I've started wearing more and more lately. Again, it's sort of become a good luck thing. They make plain black dresses look a little more interesting."
"I only ever wear heels, and when you're running around all day carrying gear and bags, you need comfortable shoes. I managed to find a pair that are crazy high, and still don't kill my feet at the end of the day."
"I've read all of his novels and am in the middle of Tell-All on this tour. Someone told me a good book was a tour necessity, and they were definitely right."