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Jean Godfrey-June
Beauty Director
“I love the one with all the roses all over it. I love it because I’ve always wanted to sleep in a flower shop. And I love a flowered girly thing, and I love the idea of just going for the super-man-terrifying ultra-girl option.”
Janet Ozzard
Contributing Editor
“This was supposed to be my wedding dress.”
Julia Kalachinikoff
Accessories Director
“This was the last look in one of my first McQueen shows in Paris. The whole experience was overwhelming. The show was in the beautiful old Cirque d'hiver and there was a small group of musicians playing—it was the perfect venue to really see the clothes. McQueen’s master craftsmanship, combined with his imagination, completely blew my mind. So when Tanya D., that season’s it-model, came out shedding a tear I was right there with her. Little did I know, until my re-see, that her dress was made of both fresh and silk flowers. The publicist told me when they took the dress off her legs were completely cut up and bloody from the pins....”
Rebecca Ramsey
Market Editor
“This is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen. Not only does it remind me of my days at W starting out in editorial and trying to wrangle the look for a shoot abroad last-minute, but it’s one of his softest, most feminine offerings. It makes you stop and stare at it forever. Basically, I’d wear this to my wedding—antlers included. How cool would those wedding pictures be?!”
Bobby Schuessler
Special Sections Assistant
“I instantly think about a woman who is passionate, elegant and eerily mysterious when I see this gown (called “Voss,” from Spring 2001). Given my true love of drama, I just want to know everything about the person who lives inside the feather masterpiece.”
Jen Ford
Fashion News and Feature Director
“Confession to the McQueen PR office: I used to blag, chat up anyone holding a clipboard, even sneak in on the arm of someone who had access, just to get into his shows when I was a student in London. I was positively addicted. Every. Season. So I’m picking two.... Fall 2006 really was magical. McQueen had just shown a couple seasons of more commercial collections, and then he totally did a 180. It was almost poetic—and this dress shows the level of McQueen’s craftsmanship (which only got even more intricate later)."
Jen Ford
Fashion News and Feature Director
"But I’m also including the opening dress from Spring 2004. You might be going, “wait. Why?” Here’s the thing: One of the (many) great things about McQueen was that beyond the showmanship, he also knew how to cut really beautiful, wearable clothes that translated off the catwalk. I couldn’t stop watching Karen Elson as she danced during this show. I wish I moved as elegantly as those dresses did.”
Dana Mendelowitz
Contributing Accessories Assistant
“I could not stop staring at the gold feather jacket! I remember it from his final collection and was in love with it then. I love the way the skirt blossoms out. And what could be more luxe than gold feathers? It was unbelievable to actually see it in person, so close up.”
Lauren Sherman
Executive Digital Editor
“My first and only McQueen show in Paris was Spring 2011, and these shoes were the star. I remember getting a bit teary when the models began stomping down the catwalk, overcome by the emotion of just being there. I have blurry images of them on my iPhone—it was a big moment for me.”