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As Lucky assistants, we see it all. This week we're nostalgic for school supplies, football and pretty new accessories that would wow our homeroom classmates from way back when. 

Katy Smith – fashion assistant

I will forever get excited about buying office supplies. These binders by the Minneapolis-based brand russell+hazel are my absolute favorite. Simple, clean and eco-friendly!

Bobby Schuessler – special sections assistant

From Lucky to...the NFL? Fellow assistant Noelle and I had the pleasure of previewing an entire womens NFL line. If you’re fashion and football obsessed, you can basically get any item you want emblazoned with your team’s logo. I’m talking luxury bags, nail polish, pajama pants, etc. After this, I am officially changing my title to Bobby Schuessler, Football Fan.

Adrianna Barrionuevo – assistant fashion credits editor

This weekend, I will be cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles and rocking this slouchy top from PINK's NFL line to show some team spirit. I’m also digging this matching nail polish for a fun manicure. Go Eagles!

Bobby Schuessler – special sections assistant

Okay, I needed a break from football. While we have dozens and dozens of ankle boots in the office for fall, I decided to venture out to find a perfect boot for men this season. I’m dying for  these United Nude hollow booties. Clean, yet rugged. Honestly, they could work for women too!

Alexandra Perron – fashion news contributor

The highlight of my New York Fashion Week was the Proenza Schouler show. Not only do Jack and Laz make drool-worthy dresses every season but their accessories are out of this world—and the spring shoes are no exception. I adore a chunky platform wedges and can’t stop thinking about how great these architectural beauties would look on my feet come spring (or tomorrow). They just took the number one spot on my fantasy shopping list!

Adrianna Barrionuevo – assistant fashion credits editor

I can never turn down a new beauty suggestion, so when Sajel had me try Nars Larger Than Life eyeliner, I did—and fell in love. This pencil glides on for easy application, which is great for someone clumsy like myself. It also comes in a variety of colors and is totally smudge-proof (great for nights out); I’ve been wearing it in Via Appia (a bronze color) ever since!

Sophie Dupin – Lucky Kids assistant market editor

Last weekend, some girlfriends and I hit the East Village flea market, something that has now become our Sunday ritual. I ended up scoring an amazing vintage Carlos Falchi bag for 10 bucks! So of course, when I got home I started googling where I could find more 1970s clutches.  Free People has a fun selection of them and I especially love this floral one. It has a flap snap and button closure and even has a cute little mirror that flips out.  I like special items because I know I’m the only one who’s going to be walking down the street with it!

Dana Mendelowitz – contributing accessories assistant

Jewelry is as old as time (or at least it seems that way when I walk around The Met), so it's rare to see a totally new form. Cue Prive, a gold- and diamond-filled line from the unbearably chic Parisian Gaydamak sisters. Their hand-bracelets are a cross between a bracelet and a ring–they rest at palm level and cover the back of the hand. The super-cool and surprisingly comfortable pieces come in yellow, white and black gold with a variety of precious stones like diamonds and black diamonds, in shapes ranging from lace to feathers to lizards. I especially like the hand-bracelets paired with a matching ring, seen here.  

Noelle Sciacca -- fashion market assistant

I’m not much of a baker, but I’m a sucker for sweets and the smell of cookies straight from the oven. I'm obsessed with this Backcountry caramel body milk from Farm House Fresh Goods. The lotion smells like birthday cake batter and is mostly made of natural products, making it almost good enough to eat—wait, please don't try that at home!

Margaret Williamson – fashion market assistant

Admittedly, the bulk of my childhood wardrobe came from the boys’–not girls’–side of Gap Kids. For the first time since middle school, I went back in on a whim and picked up a couple of what have become my favorite new cotton button downs. The shorter sleeves, smaller buttons and tiny collar give them an adorably shrunken look, while the boxy body keeps it roomy. I think I may have been wearing the same thing in my fifth grade school picture.