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Platform Loafers
You’re practical. You wore your Weejuns to death in college, but now can’t leave the house in a flat.
Ankle Wedge
You’re a cool downtown girl. You can't quite bring yourself to wear kicks—and you want a little height with your acid-wash jeans.
Flat Knee-High Boots
You’re more Serena than Blair. A pair of elegant, equestrian-tinged boots are walk-around-town comfortable and pop-into-Chanel-on-a-whim chic.
Pointy Flats
You can’t get enough of the Eighties. And though you like being comfortable, you can’t buy another pair of ballet flats.
Pointy Ankle Boots
You’re on the trend’s leading edge. And totally over the round toe.
Stacked Heel Boots
You’re no-nonsense, but feminine. You like to walk to work, but your wardrobe’s full of pretty, flattering dresses.
Slingback Bow Pumps
You expect your feet to do the flirting. Which frees up the rest of you to be serious and hard working.
Flat Ankle Boots
You have an inner tough girl. Even when you’re wearing a ruffled mini, you’re thinking about Kick Ass.