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"This is first thing that I put in my bag when I am packing for touring. It’s perfect for the mornings when we have to leave the hotel too early or for a quick fix for when we’ve been stuck in a sweaty venue."

"I got this as a gift for Christmas and I haven't taken it off since. Seriously perfect for any weather. You can throw one of these on over sweatpants and look fashionable!"

"I was always pretty bad at applying liquid eyeliner until I got this one. Easy application. Never smudges."

"A nice clean scent that isn’t too strong. When you bring a roll-on perfume you don’t have to worry about being hassled at airport security or the bottle spilling all over your bag."

"The perfect red lipstick. You won’t find it smudged across your cheek 20 minutes after you put it on."

"We have a lot of late nights and a lot of early mornings. This bottle is constantly being passed around the van."

"I always wipe my face with one of these the minute we step off stage. I hate the feeling of dried sweat on my face, and these are so refreshing."

"Applying these in the van is my favorite way to pass the time while driving. It's also a great way to prevent the stench of nail polish fumes from taking over our van. Nobody ever believes that they are my real nails—they look that good!"

"These boots look good with anything and have kept my feet dry through the rainy festival season."

"It helps going through all of the climate changes. A good, light cream."

"I always wear dresses on stage. I love the A-line skater dress from Topshop. It always makes a perfect outfit for our performance."

"I always have a pair of black tights on hand, always. Every brand, shape and size. These are great for day to night changes due to climate or to dress up my look. I can't live without a pair on hand. I usually carry them in my purse, just in case."