Five Differences Between A Jegging And A Skinny Jean


The line between a jegging and skinny jean is a thin one. And lately it has become increasing blurry, what with some brands calling jeans, "jeggings" and other brands calling jeggings, "jeans." We thought we should go ahead and distinguish the two once and for all. Here's a handy checklist in case you've ever had to ask yourself: Jegging or jean?

1. Butt Pockets:

If there’s a pocket on the butt, we’re going to go ahead and classify that as a jean.

2. Faux Front Pockets:

If you can’t slide your hands into pockets that are sewn together and therefore do not actually exist, then it’s a jegging.

3. Stretchyness Factor:

Sure, most skinny jeans do have stretch in them, but at some point we have to draw the line. If your jeans contain a majority percentage of spandex-like material, then they shouldn't be classified as actual jeans.

4. Waistband:

If the waistband is elasticized in any way shape or form—it's a jegging. Sorry, pajama jeans!

5. Texture:

If your jeans are more of a "denim" print than than the actual raw material—you are wearing a jegging.

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