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As Lucky assistants, we see it all.  With January deadlines looming, we're trying on unicorn-print dresses and tending to our boy band shrines.

Margaret Williamson – fashion market assistant

I'm dying over these!  The price is right and the color/shape combination is perfection.

Mayme Stansfield – fashion closet assistant

These leopard flats are a much-needed addition to my neutrals-only wardrobe.

Noelle Sciacca – fashion market assistant

A girl can never have too many accessories. At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I add this Carol Marie bangle to my shopping cart. The silver and black piece will add a much needed edge to the delicate bracelets already on my wrists. Ok, I’m convinced.  Proceeding to checkout!

Alexandra Perron – fashion news contributor and aspiring wife of a Hanson brother

It all started 14 years ago when I heard a little song called “Mmmbop.” Last week I saw Hanson perform at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square and it was beyond fantastic (it was also my seventh show). If you were a fan, then I can promise you will be a fan today. Download their newest album Shout it Out—you’ll be belting out their catchy tunes in no time.

Leigh Gill – fashion assistant

I love the idea of a horn watch.  It’s so versatile!  This is definitely topping my Christmas list this year.

Margaret Williamson – fashion market assistant

The words “I need this dreamy unicorn dress” have left my mouth more times than what’s natural for any grown woman.  Sooo... someone buy me this dreamy unicorn dress.

Bobby Schuessler – Lucky Breaks contributor

Want to know how to throw a quick dinner party or how to impress your boyfriend's parents? It’s all in this book.  Basically it’s my new bible.

Noelle Sciacca – fashion market assistant

Keep your toes toasty this fall with these Boy Meets Girl travel socks. They're an adorable alternative to a typical slipper and perfect for relaxing at home.