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This week in Lucky assistant world, we're finding pleasure in the simple things: rose gold nails, shoe psychology and quirky rings.

Leigh Gill – fashion assistant

This polish by OPI is surprisingly versatile and subtle. The great thing is that it doesn’t have that gritty texture like most glitter versions.

Sophie Dupin — Lucky Kids market assistant

While playfully poking fun at a friend's roomy grandpa sweater, I realized that I actually really needed one for myself!  Such a great alternative to a jacket in cooler weather.

Sajel K. Shah – beauty assistant

These are lined with fur.  And I must own them.

Katy Smith – fashion assistant

Lipstick preoccupations are rampant in this office. This one is quickly becoming my daily go-to. I chose “London,” a nude-y pink color.  Love the creamy formula and built-in sharpener!

Bobby Schuessler – lucky breaks contributor

This particular pullover has become a staple in our fashion closet. We’re going crazy over how roomy and soft it is. Add a leather skirt, tights and boots and you have a perfect October look.

Margaret Williamson – fashion market assistant

I love that these slipper flats have that right kind of smoking-jacket-and-a-pipe feeling without being too campy.

Noelle Sciacca – fashion market assistant

Hand-written post cards and letters make people feel special in a way that an email or Tweet just can’t match. This is a book of quirky sketches that can be torn out and shipped via snail mail. The best part is you can add your own color, scribbles, and details! Now only if they came with stamps….

Bobby Schuessler – lucky breaks contributor

This new book landed on my desk recently and I immediately ran to our fabulous shoe closet with my copy in hand. The book describes what your choice of footwear says about your personality. Yes, I ended up trying on shoes for an hour after reading this. I can definitely describe myself as “minimalist” shoe man since classic black boots and oxfords are my usual favorites.

Margaret Williamson – fashion market assistant

When I need a little pick-me-up, I treat myself to a new candle.  It's such a cheap way to put a little luxury into any room.  My latest find is this masculine, woodsy scent that's a nice break from my usual white flower choices. 

Adrianna Barrionuevo— assistant fashion credits editor

The downside to my amazing new apartment is the fact that I do not have room for a dining table or a desk. I discovered this lap desk and now my problems are solved. The retro polka dot is adorable and I’m loving the built-in cup holder!

Dana Mendelowitz – contributing accessories assistant

I love, love, love these stacking rings from Kristy Lin!  They are like an adult Mr. Potato Head, but for your finger!

Mayme Stansfield – fashion closet assistant

Somehow Mariko Suzuki, Lucky's accessories assistant, has never seen Clueless.  I'm making it my personal mission to remedy this immediately.