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As Lucky assistants, we see it all. This week we're drawn to all things black, white and blue. 

Bobby Schuessler – Lucky Breaks contributor

Since I can’t have an LBD, I hunted for the perfect LBB – little black bag – instead. This Ben Minkoff tote became a daily staple of mine as soon as it landed on my desk.

Dana Mendelowitz – contributing accessories assistant

I love the look of a dainty, barely there thread bracelet.  These Minor Obsessions versions have solid 10k gold charms on them in super cute symbols and a variety of thread colors. When the thread gets worn out, just slide the little charm onto a chain!

Mariko Suzuki – contributing accessories assistant

I've been craving a pair of special sneakers for years. I think I finally found them!  While I definitely agree that the price for these Miu Miu kicks is pretty steep—$585—I think it's worth considering all the benefits:  1) You can bring a rocker edge to a simple pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt; 2) The jewels will definitely lighten up dark winter outfits; 3) They'll look great with a cute cocktail dress for holiday parties. I might be sold!

Mayme Stansfield – fashion closet assistant

My phone was stolen this week on the train!  I’m working with a Zack Morris-style temporary cell for the time being and can’t wait until my new iPhone 4S comes in.

Noelle Sciacca – fashion market assistant

I met jewelry designer Rachel Watson in Maine a few months ago and was so blown away by her line as well as her creative personal style. Her necklaces and earrings are made of natural materials and have that same cool factor that makes the artist girl-crush worthy.

Sophie Dupin – Lucky Kids market assistant

The Liliput White Ruffle Collection makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. An all-white bed is such a nice thing to come home to at the end of a long day! I literally love EVERYTHING from this line.

Alison Syrett – assistant digital editor

I wandered into Rag & Bone with the intention of jumping on the red denim band wagon, but ended up leaving with these rust colored leggings instead. I’m totally smitten: I love the unexpected autumnal color and the fit is pretty amazing, too. I’m already trying to decide which color I want to buy next!

Katy Smith – fashion assistant

What's chicer than a black quilted handbag?  I love this updated take on a classic design.

Margaret Williamson – fashion market assistant

Download this album!  It’s worth so much more than $4 price tag.  Actually, I've put pretty much everything I've found on Beachtapes  in heavy rotation. 

Margaret Williamson – fashion market assistant

OMG leather bandages! I’d definitely wear these even if my feet weren’t so torn up from new fall shoes. 

Adrianna Barrionuevo – assistant fashion credits editor

As a lover of all things sweet, I was stoked to stumble upon this line of hand-crafted specialty dark chocolates called Pure Dark. The Fusion Bark flavor has zesty crystallized ginger, pecans and caramelized nibs (lightly toasted natural cocoa beans) and is my absolute favorite right now.