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Day One
"Even though I am not much of a prints person, I absolutely fell in love with this Thakoon dress. It probably has something to do with the fact that it’s yellow, my favorite color. It reminds of the vintage David Hicks wallpaper in my daughter’s room. She is such a girly-girl. She loves to play with my jewelry. In this picture, she was insisting on trying my bracelet on. I am definitely going to be in trouble when she gets older."
Day Two
"I have become obsessed with this bright reddish-orange color and had to have these pants the second I saw them. I love the color with this blue tie-neck blouse and python heels. Even though all the pieces are new, the combination feels vintage to me. These shoes are a zillion years old, but they are so comfortable and a staple in my wardrobe."
Day Three
"My work outfits vary depending on my agenda for the day. Today I have lunch with a client and am stopping by a furniture auction after, so I had to look dressed, even though it’s 95 degrees outside. I love mixing different shades of ivory and white. It’s so clean. I paired it with leopard heels and my favorite, oversize vintage earrings that I found in LA. This bag is my prized possession. I had been coveting it for as long as I can remember and [boss] Nate Berkus surprised me with it."
Day Four
"I am like a five-year old. I have to wear something new the minute I get it and I definitely could not wait for the weather to get cooler to wear this butterscotch leather skirt. My husband was joking I looked like Pocahontas when he saw me getting ready for work this morning. I think it has something to do with the fringe boots and the braid. I just stopped at the flower market to pick something out for a client’s home. This is one of my favorite places."
Day Five
"I am working from home this morning, before running out to a few appointments so I decided to be a little more casual. These wide-leg Derek Lam jeans are my new favorite. I love the classic, seventies shape and the fact that they are super comfortable is an added bonus."
Day Six
"The big smile is because I have a vanilla cupcake in my hand. Nothing makes me happier than cake. I met my friend in the park to celebrate her birthday. I am wearing one of my very favorite necklaces. It’s a crystal collar that I found at a vintage store in Florida."
Day Seven
"I absolutely love to take my daughter to the park in the early evening. We have the best time and it immediately takes my mind off of anything stressful that happened that day! I am wearing one of my favorite button-down shirts from the boy’s department. They have the perfect shrunken fit. I definitely gravitate towards some more masculine pieces. The vintage men’s gold Rolex was a gift from my husband and I wear it almost everyday."