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"I've worn couture, but this Armani Privé outfit was so perfect for the night! I didn't want to give the top back. The fit, the graphic print, the volume in the shoulders....I loved it to death. This was when I insisted on wearing colored shoes and yellow has always been my favorite color to wear. What I love about seeing this look is that even though it was quite a few years (and hairstyles) ago, my love for color and prints has never left or wavered one bit."

"I love the print of this dress and my new Mulberry bag which I've been wearing all fall. I've also been living in Lia Sophia jewelry. This dress is fuss-free, but because of the intricate print it looks like it took some effort...which is what I'm all about right now."

"It’s a rare moment when you'll see me in black—but the floral print was so beautiful. Acne always makes such easy to wear clothes and by the end of fashion week, which is when this photo was taken, I just wanted to be comfortable."

"I loved these Opening Ceremony for Pendleton prints from the moment I saw them. This picture was taken before the big comeback of tribal and ethnic prints so I got a lot of flack for this look, but I stand by it. Funny enough, the next year prints like these were everywhere! Opening Ceremony is usually always ahead of the curve."

"This was all about the '90s-style braids, which were my saving grace as a teenager because of how low maintenance they were. I was traveling all summer and recently re-visited them for convenience. Simple, masculine silhouettes work best with this hair—this was a fun play on menswear."

"The dress...stunning! The hair and makeup....all wrong! This was supposed to be my dream Met Ball moment, but my hair stylist didn't show up and I tried someone new literally 45 minutes before the carpet was closing. It was a disaster, I was in tears. I tried to compensate by trying really avant-garde makeup, but when your rocking a Dries [van Noten] dress, you really should let his amazing prints do the talking!"