What To Do If You Lost the Belt to Your Coat


If you've lost the belt to a winter coat and DIY's not your thing, don't freak out. Unless you’re Erica Domesek, we don’t expect you to P.S. I Made a replacement that looks straight from the factory.

Instead, try these other ways to cinch the problem, which don't involve buying a new coat entirely or (maybe scarier?) crafting.

1. Call the company first.

There's a rule of thumb here: the more money you paid for the coat, the likelier it is that the brand will replace the belt. J. Crew, for example, doesn't have a belt replacement service. But Burberry? Yah, they do.

But before you go applying that adage to every single coat ever, call around. We tried a range of labels with scattered results: London Fog will replace a lost belt to one of their trenches, Kate Spade won't and Tory Burch can do it sometimes— but not always.

2. Take it to your tailor.

If the coat is vintage or more than a season old, the brand probably won’t have spare parts still lying around. Instead, head to your tailor to have them conjure something similar. (You’re paying them specifically for this purpose, it should come out pretty damn nicely.)

3. Browse secondhand and vintage stores.

Unless your belt was metallic tweed woven with black diamonds and Justin Bieber's hair, there's probably been a similar coat—with a similar belt—produced before. So keep your eyes peeled when vintage shopping. You might just find a very, very fitting option without even really trying.

4. Try something already in your closet.

It's a last resort, but works when the pairing seems intentional instead of haphazard. Like how the army jacket above looks seriously amazing with an equally kitschy neon belt.

But whichever route you go, don't forget the last step: get that new belt stitched to your coat. Now. Yes, it's tempting to let it dangle freely in the belt loops and switch it up with other coats and outfits. But it's kind of just tempting fate, isn't it?

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