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Find Your Perfect Sunglasses Match

Summertime is all about having the right shades: they are the the easiest way to complete your look (and they protect your eyes from those harsh UV rays, of course!). Click through the styles below to find the sunnies match that's right for you.

The Adventurer

If you want a flattering pair that is undeniably classic.

Once you've found the pair of your dreams, all you have to do is make sure your chosen shades fit your face. We asked Warby Parker cofounder Neil Blumenthal for his tips on sizing up your perfect pair.

Face Width: The edges of the frame shouldn’t extend beyond your temples.

Face Height: Longer faces call for taller lenses, and the shorter-faced are—as you might expect—better off with shorter lenses.

Eyebrows: Choose frames that reveal just a hint of eyebrow.

Cheeks: Frames shouldn’t make contact with your cheeks.

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