Designer Collabs That Should Be Real, Movie Edition

As of this moment, there are several movies that I'd fork over $13.50 to see and potentially $20 for the ultimate super-d 3-D iMAX experience. What's even better is the best are yet to come: The Great Gatsby, The Hobbit, Anna Karenina....

Indeed, not a week goes by when our office isn't chatting about the coming attractions, so we figured this would be the best time to do a dream collab piece focused on film. After all, the Where the Wild Things Are line by Opening Ceremony topped our wish list in its heyday, so why not hope for more?


There's a lot of chatter about cinemaniac Baz Luhrmann's upcoming film adaptation of The Great Gatsby and its recent setback, but the preview leaves us intrigued. The book is a fairly common source of inspiration for designers, most recently Ralph Lauren's Spring 2012 show, but I don't think there's ever been a straight-up "collab" before. When thinking of who could fill the spot, the Upper East Side's newest retail haven, Fivestory, came to mind. The well-appointed townhouse shop brings that whole old money world feeling to life amidst offerings from Reece Hudson, Thakoon and more. The store's heroine, Claire Distenfeld, could most certainly take this from screen to rack.


Indie girls and boys were delighted when The Perks of Being a Wallflower hit screens a few weeks ago. The film, based on the ever-popular book, focuses on three kids in suburbia trying to muddle through their melodramatic teen years. Of course, that's barely scraping the surface, but you get the idea. Emma Watson plays one of the leads and appears to be the hopelessly cool girl in oversize varsity jackets. If that doesn't scream, "collab" then I don't know what does. Her style in the film reads very Madewell. Maybe they could call it "Slut and the Falcon."


I remember the first time I had to compete in The Hunger Games. I made some really good friends, killing them shortly thereafter. And I did it all in a Hermès topcoat.
Several parts of that statement are fabricated, but Katniss could definitely roll around District 12 scrounging for burned bread in some Hermès. Don't believe me? Consider this: they began as a harness manufacturer before moving into saddles, fairly rugged beginnings considering they are now considered the most luxurious brand in the universe. Imagine Katniss stalking her prey in the arena with an Hermès leather bow, impossibly soft leather boots and of course, a printed scarf. She's lethal and she's fashion and she's the Victor. Outstanding.


Here's the film I'm most excited about. The Hobbit chronicles the life of Bilbo Baggins before he passed the ring on to Frodo. It's going to be a glorious return to Middle Earth, where fashion reigns supreme. Seriously though, the entire fate of the land rested on an accessory that controlled other baubles.
You've got the hobbits with their pastoral garb, the elves with their magical cloaks, the dwarves with their heavy adorned armor, the wizards with their crazy robes and of course the kingdom of men with their layering prowess. Anyway, The Hobbit tells the tale of a great adventure, and with Rag & Bone's rugged track record, we thought they'd make the perfect collaborator.


Many claim that Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina is one of the best novels ever written, if not simply, the best. With a reputation in print such as that, there's a lot to be demanded of a film adaptation. The story is deep and the characters are complicated, but if there's one thing that's obvious about them all, it's that they are all filthy rich. After all, Russia loves oligarchies. As evident in the trailer, the film is shot in a sort of dreamy, imaginative manner and the costumes are super-luxe. And who better to take on the task of a rich super-luxe, sometimes fur wardrobe than Oscar de la Renta.