Michael Kors on the 5 Key Pieces Every Woman Should Own

From the man known for a jet-settlingly glamorous spin on classics, simple luxuries you’ll wear forever.

A Coat You Can Wear Anywhere

“A great piece of outerwear will change an outfit,” says Kors. And in addition to having statement-making value, it should also be versatile. Hence the idea for this luxurious fur vest. “It doesn’t matter if it’s real of fake fur—a vest is something you can wear inside if you’re chilly.” And if it’s super-cold, you can wear it over a slim-sleeved coat. This one’s slightly longer for a more sophisticated look. “The way she’s wearing it,” he whispers. “Doesn’t Alexandra remind you a little of Patti Hansen in the 1970s?” Indeed.

TO WEAR IT AT NIGHT: “Belt it over a silk dress.”

TO WEAR IT ON THE WEEKEND: "Easy skinny jeans and a silky top make it so rock and roll."