Michael Kors on the 5 Key Pieces Every Woman Should Own

From the man known for a jet-settlingly glamorous spin on classics, simple luxuries you’ll wear forever.

A Cozy Fisherman’s Sweater

“Comfort’s part of being confident, and you’ve got to be confident to look sexy,” Kors insists. “So a cozy sweater can equal sexy.” (Especially when worn with a faux-fur collar.) “But it’s all about how things are cut—and texture. Natural tones, like camel and cream, show off how beautiful something is so much better than dark ones.”

WEAR IT TO THE BEACH WITH: "White cutoff shorts and high-top sneakers."

MAKE IT FANCY WITH: “A floor-length skirt.”

IT'LL WORK IN THE CITY TOO: “I love it with black leather leggings or tweed pants.”