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A Coat You Can Wear Anywhere

“A great piece of outerwear will change an outfit,” says Kors. And in addition to having statement-making value, it should also be versatile. Hence the idea for this luxurious fur vest. “It doesn’t matter if it’s real of fake fur—a vest is something you can wear inside if you’re chilly.” And if it’s super-cold, you can wear it over a slim-sleeved coat. This one’s slightly longer for a more sophisticated look. “The way she’s wearing it,” he whispers. “Doesn’t Alexandra remind you a little of Patti Hansen in the 1970s?” Indeed.

TO WEAR IT AT NIGHT: “Belt it over a silk dress.”

TO WEAR IT ON THE WEEKEND: "Easy skinny jeans and a silky top make it so rock and roll."

A Cozy Fisherman’s Sweater
“Comfort’s part of being confident, and you’ve got to be confident to look sexy,” Kors insists. “So a cozy sweater can equal sexy.” (Especially when worn with a faux-fur collar.) “But it’s all about how things are cut—and texture. Natural tones, like camel and cream, show off how beautiful something is so much better than dark ones.”
WEAR IT TO THE BEACH WITH: "White cutoff shorts and high-top sneakers."

MAKE IT FANCY WITH: “A floor-length skirt.”

IT'LL WORK IN THE CITY TOO: “I love it with black leather leggings or tweed pants.”

Like A Guy's Sweater...But So Not!
Mixing the familiar with the unfamiliar is a regular feature of Kor’s designs. Here he took the classic chunky Irish cable knit and totally reworked the shape to complement a woman’s wardrobe rather than a fisherman’s.
A Have-It-Forever Leather Bag
“Your jeans get better over time,” Kors says. “Why shouldn’t your bag?” A classic shape and practical size are important, but in the end, it’s about color.  He loves camel tones—especially on leather.  (Case in point: the amazing-looking beat-up camel leather tote from the 1940’s he carries.) “The oils in in your hand make it look better over time. You wouldn’t see that effect if the bag were black.” The edges on this style (left) are worn in by hand for a vintage look from the get-go. Bonus: No two bags are exactly alike.
WEAR IT WITH: "Everything from pastels to neon. You can mix camel with just as many colors as you would black."

Flashy Aviators
“Aviators are the fastest shortcut to glamour,” says Kors. “Put on a pair of aviators and suddenly you look like a movie star in the airport.” Having purchased his first pair at the age of 13 (today even his reading glasses are aviators), he’s particularly knowledgeable about fit. “It’s funny—I know a lot of people who say that they can’t wear big glasses, but you know what? ‘Big’ is a relative term, so just look for an aviator that’s scaled down in size for you.” 
THEY'RE THE PERFECT SIZE IF: It looks like you swiped them from a guy. Like Ali MacGraw wearing Steve McQueen’s. That’s so sexy.”

True Story: My Closet Is Filled With Michael Kors Heels
"I own over a hundred pairs of heels, maybe 40 of which are Michael Michael Kors. The platforms are just super-comfy. There's a black high-heeled ankle boot that I've completely worn to shreds. Work, weekend, even evening—in the summer with little dresses, in the winter with jeans..." —Melissa Lum, Accessories Editor
The Perfect Black Pant (for You!)
“There’s a different black pant for every woman.”  His advice: Think beyond the obvious, but keep the shape clean and simple – like silk pajama pants.  “I even love boys’ pants on girls!”  Alexandra’s a bit rock and roll, so these leather leggings make perfect sense as a basic.  “See how they’ve totally changed her silhouette?  And she can make them as sexy or classic as she wants to.”
WEAR THESE TO WORK WITH: “A cool blazer and heels.”

WEAR THEM AT NIGHT WITH: “A silky tank or under a dress.”