Blair Waldorf's Epic Headband Collection Can Now Be Yours

Fact: Gossip Girl would be nothing without that fantastic Eric Daman-designed wardrobe. And as much as we love keeping tabs on Serena's arsenal of body-con dresses and Chuck Bass' scarves and pocket squares, it's Blair Waldorf's extensive collection of headbands that really gets our heart rate up. Now, in honor of the series' imminent finale, Jennifer Behr—the designer responsible for some of B's best and brightest bands throughout the show's six seasons—is giving you the chance to own nine of them.

The Blair Waldorf Gift Set is now available at for $4,000, and includes floral, studded, knotted and crystallized headbands you'll likely recognize from some of Gossip Girl's most memorable moments. And while most of the styles can also be purchased individually on the site, there's one noteworthy exception: the sparkling Queen B band pictured at left, which Blair passed down to Jenny Humphrey at the end of Season 3. Pricey? Sure—but haven't you always wanted to own a piece of television history?

Click through to shop the eight headbands available individually. Can you remember the scene in which each appeared?