Five Alternatives to Going Commando

Monday night marked the New York premiere of the hugely-anticipated film adaptation of Les Misérables—but on the red carpet, leading lady Anne Hathaway's decision to forgo underthings wound up leaving her the miserable one.

While exiting her limo upon arrival, the actress' cape-backed Tom Ford dress rode up, revealing, well, more than Anne had probably hoped for. But here's the thing: had she simply worn something—anything!—under that avant-garde dress, the newlywed star could have avoided this entire debacle.

Think about it: the dress in question was made of black taffeta, not exactly the slinkiest and clingiest material on the market (satin, jersey and spandex are all far trickier to wear). A pair of seamless, stretchy black undies would've been a smart choice and completely invisible—both to the naked eye and under a camera's flash. More importantly, they'd have kept Annie's, um, business invisible to the camera, too.

The moral of this story? Underwear: it exists for a reason, and as Martha Stewart might say, it's a good thing. Particularly when it's undetectable under revealing ensembles, like the several pairs below. Daringly-dressed celebs, take note!

Photo: WireImage

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