Blake Lively Discusses Her Culinary Obsessions and Family Ties in Gucci Premiere's Holiday Video

Now that Gossip Girl's a thing of the past, you probably assumed the series finale was the last you'd see of Serena van der Woodsen Blake Lively for quite some time. Thanks to Gucci, however, that's not the case.

As part of her promotional duties as the face of the brand's Premiere fragrance, Mrs. Ryan Reynolds sat down to discuss her favorite holiday pastimes, her crazy love for her nieces and why she smells exactly like her sisters (it's less weird if you watch—promise). Here's what we learned:

  • Blake really, really loves cooking—especially alongside her family. "So much love pours into the food, and so much love pours out of it," she says. "It's a feast for your senses."
  • Blake thinks photo albums and (surprise!) fragrance make the best presents. "The most important gift is something that lasts," she explains. So much for that custom ice sculpture we planned to get her...
  • Speaking of scents, Blake, her mom and her sisters all apparently wear Gucci Premiere. "If you're blindfolded in a room, you're not gonna be able to tell us apart!" she laughs.
  • As for the best gift she's received recently? Blake's sister sent her a video of her kids waking up and getting ready for school. "I love them as if they're my own children—I actually tell them I'm their mommy," says Blake.

Check out the video below, then click through to shop several Blake-approved holiday gifts—most of which are built to last.


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