Quiz: Which Famous Designer is Your Spirit Animal?

Some people draw inner power from tigers, wolves and dolphins. You prefer to harness the energy of famous fashion designers. Take our quiz below to see which one epitomizes you best.

1. When shopping for clothes, gravitate toward:

  • a. Light, airy pieces that exude femininity—bring on the ruffles.
  • b. Crisp cuts in black and white, always. It's kind of my uniform.
  • c. Something flattering yet practical. I'm a career lady with a packed social calendar, so it's got to work for work, drinks AND dinner.
  • d. Pieces that make me look taller, thinner and more statuesque. I do not care if my outfit is comfortable, only how I look.
  • e. High quality classics. I don't buy a lot, but what I do get lasts for years.
  • f. Ethically made items. My closet has a very teeny tiny carbon foot print and I'd like to keep it that way, thank you very much.

2. Someone hands you a bunch of fabric swatches. Your favorite is the:

  • a. Colorful Chiffon
  • b. Tweed
  • c. Stretch Jersey
  • d. Nude leather
  • e. Cashmere
  • f. Denim

3. The first place you dial for dinner reservations is:

  • a. A French bistro that specializes in all things butter soaked and chocolate filled.
  • b. Any lavish lounge that attract interesting artsy types. I'm not going to order anything but Diet Coke, so it's all about the atmosphere.
  • c. An intimate family run place that looks kind of seedy from the outside but is always packed. Luckily I'm buddies with the chef and he always hooks me up.
  • d. Preferably the Chateau Marmont. But if I'm out of town, any elegant hotel with a good frisee salad will do.
  • e. This super spacious seafood restaurant that offer el fresco dining in the summer. I love the long tables so I can invite tons of friends.
  • f. My favorite vegan macrobiotic joint. I get a green juice there every morning.

4. Surprise! You get to hang out with the celebrity of your choice tomorrow. Who do you pick?

  • a. Natalie Portman. I like my beauty with a heaping side of brains.
  • b. Well Rihanna is having a major moment right now and I'd like to get in on that. Because passe is so passe, you know?
  • c. Oh I don't know, what is a celebrity really? If you love yourself you can be your own celebrity.
  • d. Does Kate Middleton count?
  • e. Probably Heidi Klum. Any lady known for throwing crazy Halloween parties has got to be fun!
  • f. Gwyneth Paltrow, so long as she comes ready to cook. I'll provide organic produce from my garden.

5. This holiday season you've asked for…

  • a. Prismacolor professional markers and pencils. They elevate doodling to like, an art form.
  • b. Skinny androgynous neckties. Black ones.
  • c. Bangles!
  • d. Well, I wouldn't hate any of those gifts you listed for the one percent
  • e. Aviators. One can never have too many.
  • f. A Vita-mix. Mmmm, homemade smoothies.

6. Let's rewind back to highschool during lunch period. Which clique's table are you sitting at?

  • a. I was way too shy to brave the cafeteria. There was a secluded spot in the library I used all four years instead.
  • b. With the drama kids. I truly appreciate good showmanship.
  • c. With the same best friends I've has since kindergarten. We weren't a "clique," just young women becoming the women we were meant to be.
  • d. The popular table, duh.
  • e. Everyone was my friend, so I never stuck to one spot.
  • f. My best friends from art class and I would work in the studio while eating our (tofu on gluten free bread) sandwiches.

Click through the slideshow below to find out which designer is your spirit animal and shop pieces from their label.


If you answered mostly A's...

Alber Elbaz is your spirit animal.

Like the Lanvin designer, you're quiet, unassuming and very, very good at whatever you do. What he does is make some of the prettiest clothes in the world. Click through to shop Lanvin now.

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If you answered mostly B's...

Karl Lagerfeld is your spirit animal.

You and the Kaiser—who oversees Chanel, Fendi and his own namesake label—both have high standards and very specific tastes. Especially when it comes to clothes. Click through to shop the KARL collection now.

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If you answered mostly C's...

Diane von Furstenberg is you spirit animal.

You just want to wear beautiful things that make you feel comfortable and confident. Luckily, Diane's mission in life it to make them for you. Click through to shop DvF now.

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If you answered mostly D's...

Victoria Beckham is your spirit animal.

V Becks would never wear anything that made her look less than perfect and neither would you. And sometimes that means wearing heels to the grocery store, okay?! Click through to shop Victoria Beckham now.

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If you answered mostly E's...

Michael Kors is your spirit animal.

Down-to-earth and easy to talk to, you share this charismatic designer's affable charm. Click through to shop Michael Kors now.

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If you answered mostly F's...

Stella McCartney is your spirit animal.

Loving animals and growing your own kale doesn't make you a crazy hippie. It makes you cool like Stella. Click through to shop Stella McCartney now.

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