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Pajamas and Party Favors: A DIY Evening With True&Co

When temperatures dip to sub-zero levels—OK, or to anything below 40 degrees Fahrenheit—there's nothing we like better than slipping into our snuggliest pajamas and snacking with friends. And last night, that's exactly what we did at True&Co's DIY pajama party at the newly-renovated W Union Square.

In case you were wondering, we did not, in fact, literally DIY our own PJs. If that were the case, I'd have likely wound up with a bedazzled chemise several inches too short for my torso. Instead, Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny, the bloggers-slash-crafters behind Honestly...WTF, taught us how to make our own "surprise balls." Get your minds out of the gutter—these balls are made by wrapping colorful crepe streamers around tiny presents and tchotchkes, resulting in perfect little party favors that are both eye-catching and fun to unwrap. Mine contained everything from a teensy Etch A Sketch to a Hello Kitty temporary tattoo, and while my lackluster wrapping skills resulted in what looked more like a "surprise gourd" than a spherical ball, to quote one of my fellow DIYers, it certainly made for a fun crafting session.

Check out snapshots of our process and final product above, then click through to gallery to shop some of the most popular PJs from the party.

Photos courtesy of True&Co.

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