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Staying warm sans puffer takes some serious layering skills. Click through to get some now.
Start with a thin—not flimsy—camisole.
Look for flesh-colored wool, silk and cashmere in a finely gauged knit. It'll cost way more than your average Hanes three pack, but is so worth it—you'll be about a million times toastier with no extra bulk.
Add blousey-fit button-down.
The tunic length is key because you want it to peek beneath other layers. Bonus points for a cute print!
Sweater number one: Slightly shrunken, not too heavy.
But not too light, either! Just avoid chunky texture, like pom-poms or cabling, and you'll be safe from weird scrunchiness later on. Also: stay far away from cotton and linen—there's a reason people wear those in the summer.
Time for a chunky coat-like cardigan.
If Mr. Rogers would wear it, you're golden.
Add some non-poufy outerwear.
I'm totally Team Anorak: it's loose enough to to accommodate all those extra layers, yet remarkably streamlined.
Hello, cozy vest!
Sleeveless fur has all the snugglyness of a full coat but provides a much better shape. (Plus you won't have to worry about your arm hairs getting caught in the elevator. The worst!)
The cherry on top.
Finish your look with a big chunky something that complements layer number three's color scheme. It's a tiny touch, but really pulls the whole look together.