30 Perfect Winter Outfits

I don't know if that's a tie-front blouse or a silk scarf, but either way, that neck detail is what makes the outfit.

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Digital Fashion

I like clothes more than most, but I still face those mornings when dressing for a 30-degree day feels like booking a table for 12 at last minute's notice, having to watch the new episode of Downton Abbey in Farsi or something equally maddening. When my bedroom's the temperature of a meat locker, I just can't untangle the layers and pieces of dressing for cold weather. It's too much.

That's when I turn to what is, as the adage goes, the highest form of flattery: imitation. When I can't come up with my own great outfit, I just copy other people's really amazing outfits—like these ones in the slideshow below. Corralled from my favorite street style photographers and our very own Community, they're each so, so good in very different ways. Surely there's a copy-able template in there for you and your own stressed-out-need-a-major-outfit-now sort of mornings.