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I don't know if that's a tie-front blouse or a silk scarf, but either way, that neck detail is what makes the outfit.
On gray days, wear bright colors.
If I had a white coat this pristine and important-looking, I'd expect an outfit-adjusting entourage, too.
That leopard coat is major, but it's the socks/loafer combo that does it for me here.
Floaty dresses with giant coats are never not good.
White on white, always right.
Classic American tomboy.
Capes are going to be big this year.
Wide-leg pants look so fresh in a sea of skinny jeans.
Especially when they're striped wide-leg pants.
Not sure what's cooler: the bag or the ankle boots.
Love the matching lipstick, too.
Who even really cares what she's wearing underneath that coat? It's so good.
Lots going on here but it works very, very well.
Hammer pants for the win.
Exactly matching the shirt and coat color was a really sleek, stylized move. I dig it.
Over-the-shoulders jacket draping looks so glamorous.
A+ hat game.
I need those pants.
The proportion play is insane (in a really awesome way).
Such a good print mix.
Black & white can be fun, too, not just traditional.
Pastels are always good, but they're even better in winter.
Another strong cape look. (See? They're a thing now. Get on board.)
Classic, elegant, perfection.
Faux fur and a Mulberry tiger print bag: it's pretty much the definition of fierce.
More top-notch scarf game.
It's soft and sweet instead of winter warrior. I dig it.
It's the zebra pumps that seal the deal.