You Should Know About Brands

This weekend I attended a fashion party deep in the underbelly of Manhattan next to a 24-hour Long John Silver's. Inside, sensationalist tigers danced in tuxedos, penguins sang karaoke and every attendee did their best to out-shine and out-frown each other. Fairly typical for a Wednesday morning. Yes, fashion weekends happen during the week and in the morning. While discussing the merits of neoprene underwear during winter trips to the beach, my friends and I were struck by a peculiar melody playing from the artisan speakers. Suddenly our lifeless bodies began to sway like waves upon the shores of Tripoli.

The song that inspired us to move was written by downtown pop-electro-music sensation Muff Said headed up by the inimitable Feyonce and Lil Bitty. Once it ended, all attendees scattered to artfully pose for street-style photographs and spread word of the new song. Experience fashion's new anthem for yourself:

I am on my way to another fashion party now, goodbye.