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Flared legs tend to cover most of a shoe and skinny jeans get lumpy when tucked into boots, but straight legs avoid both those traps. Just cuff them a little if necessary, or even if not: it'll highlight great shoes even more.
Choose a super-faded or distressed wash and straight legs don't have to be safe and classic. Pairs like these mix well with grittier things like a smoky eye and studded moccasins. Go a size up and wear them slightly slouchy for added swagger.
Straight legs look especially awesome when they're high-waisted; they make legs look so, so long. And with the right additions, they can spin an outfit into French gamine territory, which is never a bad thing. We could totally see Inès de la Fressange or Carla Bruni wearing this ensemble.
Skintight cropped denim isn't friendly to all leg shapes, and cropped flares look best with super-chunky heels. But cropped straight legs are much more versatile. The breathing room between the denim and the leg is slimming, especially around the ankle. Pair it with pointy-toed heels and add a pretty blouse on top for a polished look.