How to Wear: Straight Leg Jeans

In 2004, skinny jeans were ALL I wanted to wear; they felt fresh and badass, like 2012's bomber jackets and wedge sneakers. Now it's 2013 and skinny jeans (while still good, still necessary) seem a little overplayed.

But more than that, they're not always the best style for whatever shoe/top/outfit combination I have in mind. Instead, I'm finding straight-legged styles prove the most versatile picks from my denim shelf. Nine years ago, I ditched them during my pretending-to-be-Kate-Moss phase, but now I'm excited about them again. They look great, and they're often just a better pick than a crop or a flare. Click through to see my favorite ways to wear them.

Skintight cropped denim isn't friendly to all leg shapes, and cropped flares look best with super-chunky heels. But cropped straight legs are much more versatile. The breathing room between the denim and the leg is slimming, especially around the ankle. Pair it with pointy-toed heels and add a pretty blouse on top for a polished look.

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