Louis Vuitton's Paper Dolls Have Outfits You Can Buy

The arrival of cold and flu season has hit my office hard. Since I began writing this very blog post, no fewer than three "I'm home sick today" emails have popped up in my inbox. On the other side of my wall, I can hear various coworkers sharing symptoms with each other in between sneezes. And since I woke up this morning with my own feverish chills and scratchy throat, I'm wondering whether I should work the rest of today from my couch.

As adults, we have to fulfill our job obligations, sniffles or not. But during childhood, a virus meant a day off—complete with rented movies, meals delivered on a tray and a hiatus from homework. During my bout with chicken pox in kindergarten, for instance, I might have been covered with gross-looking spots, but I got to lounge in front of the TV for week—during which my parents bought me chocolate chip muffins, Sanrio markers and (best of all) Miss Piggy paper dolls. I colored and dressed and undressed and re-dressed those suckers until all my ailments faded away.

Twenty years later, that still sounds awesome, no? So tonight, thanks to Louis Vuitton, I plan to enjoy the same remedy.

The French label just came out with a more grown-up version of my favorite tabbed toys. Based on Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2013, Cruise 2013 and handbag collections, the dolls were drawn by illustrator Kerrie Hess with input from stylist Kim Hersov. With four avatars and 21 pieces to choose from, the outfit opportunities are endless. And since everything is based on the brand's ready-to-wear—not kiddie cartoons—I can buy my favorite ensembles to wear in real life. Which is more fun than in-bed baked goods or room service anyways.

Click through the slideshow below to preview the paper dolls, and visit to download a printable PDF.