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"Our young Carrie Bradshaw's style is idiosyncratic, but quieter then the Carrie we already know. She is at an age where she is experimenting, learning and creating her individual unique style. You'll see her have a true fashion evolution the more and more she has contact with New York City."
"To prepare for the show, I refreshed my '80s fashion sense by rewatching all of the John Hughes classics as well as a mix of quiet Connecticut-inspired hometown films like Ordinary People, and—of course—getting out my high school yearbooks. Having been a fashion-curious teen in the '80s was also an added bonus!"
"A style success story! Teen Carrie pairs function and fashion on her first day at the job."
"OMG! Bradshaw is back! Keeping her look aspirational and authentic with an original '80s Scaasi dress and minimalist black Theory crinoline."
"Finding a nuanced balance between the iconic Carrie's style we know and love and that of a teen Carrie in '80s suburbia was a challenge. So was trying to create an 'aspirational authentic' '80s look—something that had contemporary appeal, but still has roots and feels true to the '80s. Here, mixing dots and stripes and pleats, Carrie is Connecticut cool. Her soft chambray patch pocket skirt by Current/Elliott is suffragette-chic."