Four New Ways to Wear White Jeans in Winter

Wearing white denim past Labor Day weekend and into early fall is simple enough. Add a cardigan here, a closed-toe shoe there, and voila! It's done. So easy and always, always so much more striking than basic blue.

The same effect requires more effort and energy during winter, when color schemes are darker, fabrics are heavier and there are so. many. layers. to deal with. That said, don't be deterred—I'm here to help! In the slideshow below, I've included four fresh ways to style your favorite white jeans through the chilly months. Click through to shop them now.

(Almost!) All White

Eveything save for he coat must be a pure, blinding, the-TV-room-from-Charlie-and-the-Chocolate-Factory shade of white to get the full effect. (Which, come NYFW, is total street style bait.)