2012's Best Onscreen Costumes: Our Oscar-Worthy Picks

This Sunday night, some of our all-time favorite actors and actresses will face off at the 85th Academy Awards—as will the costume designers who worked nonstop behind the scenes to create the wardrobe for their nominated films. We're thrilled that certain designers earned a nod this year—Jacqueline Durran for Anna Karenina and Paco Delgado for Les Misérables, for instance—but there are a good handful of flicks we wish had been nominated for their costumes, too.

Click through to see which onscreen wardrobes we loved most last year—both the Oscar-eligible and the sadly snubbed—as well as to learn our personal pick for Best Costume Design.

Les Misérables

Why: When it comes to bringing a theatrical production to the big screen, no tiny costume detail goes unnoticed—but Paco Delgado did a brilliant job of reimagining the beloved musical. From Fantine's transformation from seamstress to prostitute to the scheming Thénardier family's wacky headwear to Javert's military garb, not a smudge of dirt or ripped seam was overlooked.

Nominated: Mais bien sûr.