The 40 Best Songs From NYFW Fall 2013

Contrary to what you might think, Fashion Week's about more than just the clothes. It's also about more than the seating politics, model-watching and street style sport. In fact, it's the songs played during runway shows and presentations that keep our toes tapping and heads nodding long after that final walk. To wit, we Shazam'd our way through the best of NYFW to bring you our list of the very best songs designers chose to represent their clothes.

Click through to learn which tracks made the cut. The best part? Every single one's currently available on iTunes, meaning you can scamper off and download them all the second you're done reading our roundup. For best results, we recommend blasting them at high volume on your iPod/iPhone/iWhatever while catwalking your way down the street during your morning commute. If other people stare, let 'em. They're probably just jealous of your killer playlist.

The Zombies, "Time of the Season"

Heard at: Giulietta