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Time-saving closet tip
Don’t think lime green goes with bright blue? If you sort your clothes by type (skirts, tees, etc.) and then by color, you can easily check out how combinations work—and quickly come up with totally new ones.
Make pink pants serious with crisp office separates.
A white tee is so sophisticated with a pencil skirt.
Wear your dressıest heels with trousers!
A bold gold chain makes every outfit look polished.
Try knotting your button-down instead of tucking it in.
Cuff your jeans! Your long skinnies will look like a fresh pair.
Time-saving closet tip
To prevent closet paralysis (where you stand staring at your clothes), put aside some weekend time to pull together combos you’ve never tried before. When you hit on a winner, make a note of it (or take a picture) and keep it tacked up in your closet.
Pretend your purple shoes are white, and wear them with everything.