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The Reaping
It doesn't matter how many times we put our name in the running or how much food we need to feed our families, when The Reaping—er, request season comes around, there is nothing we can do. It's all up to chance, we have no control.
In The Hunger Games, Katniss, dearly departed Rue, Peeta and the rest of the gang had to deal with "Careers," blood-thirsty tweens and teens who had trained for years to compete. When fashion week comes around, the "Careers" come out in full-force. They plan every out from head-to-toe, meticulously calculate the whereabouts of street-style photographers and live for each and every moment. Of course, many times these aren't people with actual careers, but you get what I mean.
The Elements
Much to the horror of the tributes, The Hunger Games arena could completely change without warning. The Gamemakers could send out a fire, a tornado or an earthquake and there's not a thing you could do to stop it. You have two choices: power through or die. This season, NYFW was plagued by Nemo, a snowstorm that blanketed the city for hours. Cannons sounded across the island as the weak traded their best shoes for bean boots and perished into a photo-less existence. Only the strong survived.
Duh, The Fashion
If you thought the fashion in the Capitol was insane, you should take a look at what we see on the daily during fashion week. These show-goers make Effie Trinket look tame. These looks make even the most seasoned New Yorkers feel like a Distrct 13er in The Capitol.
When Rue was taken during The Hunger Games and Katniss protested by placing flowers around her, it was a real show of unified strength. A commiseration in their circumstances, if you will. Upon seeing this display, District 11 gave Katniss the traditional District 13 salute before erupting in anger. When a model sees another fall, when a showgoer is strapped for cab money or a PR girl is harried at the door, people join together. It doesn't matter if they're from competing agencies, magazines or websites, there's just a moment of understanding. It's beautiful, really.
The Arena
True, in The Hunger Games there is only one enormous arena and it was controlled by a qualified team of trained specialists. NYFW has 2 official arenas: Lincoln Center and Milk Studios. They're set up every year and it's where most of the action goes down and where most eyes are glued. If you hit the borders of either venue, you will be dealt with accordingly. Particularly at Milk.
When Katniss got cozy with Peeta in the Arena, she was rewarded by her sponsors with a gift. When she was badly burned, another gift. Well, fashion week is full of gifts! Like when Karlie Kloss was handing out cookies to weary fashion people on the street. I didn't actually have the guts to speak to Karlie Kloss, but I've been told the cookies were the perfect antidote to tracker jackers.
Blending In Helps
As somebody who has been to fashion week looking like they weren't supposed to be at fashion week, I can tell you that blending with the crowd helps you survive. That doesn't mean you have to dress like an affected tumblr addict, but just look the part. Just the way Peeta camouflaged himself to avoid being discovered. Camo is your friend.
You Just Want Somebody to Throw You Some Bread
Finding time to eat during fashion week is tough. It's not so much the lack of food, just the scheduling of the activity. Sometimes you find yourself in the plaza of Lincoln Center just hoping somebody would toss you some carbs. But no, that never happens.
If You Don't Emerge Victorious, You Die.
Not really.