10 Ways Fashion Week is Just Like The Hunger Games

There are a lot of comparisons made about fashion week around the world. Suzy Menkes refers to it as a circus, and none of us can really blame her. But I'd like to offer another comparison. Fashion Week is just like The Hunger Games. Yes, that's right, The Hunger Games is real and it happens not once, but twice a year. Forces beyond our control take us to new arenas and pit editors, buyers, certain bloggers and random people against each other. It's an all-out melee the likes of which I haven't seen since Super Smash Bros.

Duh, The Fashion

If you thought the fashion in the Capitol was insane, you should take a look at what we see on the daily during fashion week. These show-goers make Effie Trinket look tame. These looks make even the most seasoned New Yorkers feel like a Distrct 13er in The Capitol.