Jennifer Lawrence vs. Anne Hathaway: Whose Oscar Look Did You Prefer?

Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence each left the Oscars last night with a little gold statue for their respective roles in two of the year's best movies, Les Misérables and Silver Linings Playbook. (Although, according to the Academy, neither is THE year's best movie, as Argo took Best Picture.) Since the categories are so similar—Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress—and the films so different (what, mental illness in Philadelphia doesn't remind you of the French Revolution?) it's hard to judge which girl gave a better onscreen performance—so let's stick to saying they're equally talented actresses for now.

It's easier to compare the two by style, which is just what fans have been doing since yesterday's red carpet. According to our friends at, a site that analyzes social media activity, last night's event generated 403,862 tweets, 32,291 of which were about Jennifer's white Dior Haute Couture. What's more, the bulk of those were positive, making her most viewers' choice for best dressed female at the ceremony. Anne Hathaway, unfortunately, did not fare as well. Twitter users generally didn't talk about her petal pink satin Prada as much—and those who did had harsh things to say. Out of what all the women in attendance were wearing, her gown received the most negative reviews.

The poorly-received dress in question was a surprising choice for Anne, who usually defers to her good friend Valentino for major events. And according to my steadfast source (i.e., the E! coverage I watched while running on the treadmill at 5 pm yesterday), she originally planned on one of his designs for the Oscars as well. Her last-minute switch did not so much bother—I rather like the color and commend Annie for taking a risk—as surprise me. Also, my heart went out to poor misinformed Mr. Valentino when I saw Anne in Prada. I immediately pictured him watching from home, dressed in red silk pajamas, knocking over a little cheese and wine plate as he stood up in outrage and shook his fist at the screen. (There was also an all-Italian monologue with some fightin' words for Miuccia in there, too, but I'll spare you my overactive imagination.)

Jennifer Lawrence's pick, however beautiful, was completely expected. In light of her recently-acquired role as the face of Dior, it was all but guaranteed that she'd show up at the Oscars in a Raf Simons design. Even still, her final choice, a piece from the brand's first couture collection under Simons' helm, was a good one. The dramatic mermaid silhouette flattered her shape beautifully; it was white, but thanks to the slightly crinkled fabric and minimal accessories, it didn't read as bridal at all. She looked more like a fairytale princess and I imagine when she won, millions of little girls watched with saucer-wide eyes, sighing as they thought, "I want to be an movie star one day."

But does that make JLaw's dress better than Anne's? I'm not sure, especially since it was a much safer choice; and I've still got to give Anne props for not only taking a fashion risk, but for doing so at the last second. In Lucky's book, both ladies looked lovely last night—but what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

photo credit: Film Magic