Here's What Everyone Wore to Last Night's Prabal Gurung for Target Launch Party

At last night's Prabal Gurung for Target launch, celebs like Carey Mulligan, Rashida Jones, Elizabeth Olsen and Ne-Yo—the evening's special musical guest—crowded the red carpet at NYC's Pier 57. Among the night's attractions—besides Prabal's floral-printed, flare-skirted designs for the superstore, of course—were gravity-defying carnival rides, cotton candy and performers on stilts. The night's celeb attendees were all dressed in different looks from Prabal Gurung's forthcoming collection, which hits stores and online on February 10. We particularly liked The Hunger Games' Isabelle Fuhrman's cherry-hued cocktail dress—a bold move for the actress, as it turns out. "I never wore red before this day!" she told us. "This is my first time wearing red. But I was feeling daring, so I just went for it!"

But keeping the collection's themes of love and romance in mind, we couldn't resist asking the lovely Analeigh Tipton (of Warm Bodies, Damsels in Distress and Crazy, Stupid, Love fame) to dish on her Valentine's Day plans and more. Hint: for this model-turned-actress, it's all about the sweets.

Lucky: Where will you be this February 14?

Analeigh Tipton: It's really the day after that's my Valentine's Day, because that's when all the chocolate goes on sale! That's when I stock up for the year. I'm especially into Hershey's Hugs—the swirly chocolate kisses.

That spinning ride over there looks pretty intense. Are you planning to give it a whirl?

Of course I am! Except...I'm in a dress tonight. So that's gonna be difficult. Also, as I get older, I find it's easier to get sick on rides like that. I mean, don't get me wrong—I still go on them. It's just unfortunate for the others afterwards.

Have you been a fan of Prabal's work for long?

Yes! He designs clothes for the "girly tomboy," which for me is very accessible.

Having been part of both the acting and modeling worlds, what's the biggest difference between these two jobs?

Well, I like to think I'm decent at one of them—ha! But heels—heels are the biggest difference. As an actress, I dont always have to wear those on set, which is great.

Click through to see what everyone wore on the red carpet last night. Which look is your favorite? And will you be picking up a piece of Prabal when the collab's released this Sunday?

Analeigh Tipton

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