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Spencer's Look
Pros: We love the chunky knit sweater layered over a casual tee and paired with a distressed brown satchel. It's an age-appropriate, easy look that doesn't look out of place in a high school setting.
The giant tiger (not pictured here) on the back of the sweater combined with a tribal print is a little too Jungle Book for our taste. Not to be (ahem) catty, but we think Spencer's overall look would be improved if this pretty little tiger were released back into the wild.

Hanna's Look
Pros: Her sleeveless cutout top and black jeans are eye-catching and on-trend. The darker shades look lovely against Hanna's light complexion. Talk about teal appeal!
: That giant gold rose on her wide belt feels very World Wrestling Federation. Sure, Hanna's a knockout—but her accessories shouldn't say, "I want to knock you out."

Emily's Look
Pros: Emily's look is cool and slouchy without being schlubby. We love the combination of a faded denim button-down and bight cobalt jeans, and the effortless addition of a dangly silver necklace.
Cons: We don't mean to come across as anti-feline (we love a good kitten!) but we are less than enthused about that leopard print on Emily's shirt. Sometimes one wash is enough!
Aria's Look
Pros: Mixing prints is an easy way to spice up any look, and we are really digging Aria's crisp assortment of stripes, polka dots and plaid. She looks ready to hit up a local polo match, and we love that.
Aria's patterned red boots are just a bit too much. The busy blazer and blouse make enough of a statement, and the over-the-top boots seem to be walking all over the preppy cuteness of this look.
The Winner Is: Emily!
Why: We love the simple feel of this denim-on-denim look. While it doesn't make a loud statement like the other outfits we've dissected here, Emily looks laid-back yet fashion-forward. In this show about secrets and lies, that's the plain (but very chic!) truth.