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Emily's Look
Pros: We love the use of leather here. Emily's longer biker jacket makes this casual look a little more kick-butt.
Cons: We are having déjà blue. While we raved about these cobalt jeans last week, we think it may be time for Emily to retire her bright denim and white tee for some new duds. Even American classics can get old!
Hanna's Look
Pros: After last week's belt controversy, we love how Hanna's paired this bright neon belt with a matching beaded collar and black mini. The whole look feels very '60s mod, and we think that's just groovy.
Cons: Hanna's busy jacket is a bit much with her yellow belt.  We would swap the mad plaid for a more subtle blazer and create a look that's not quite so Sherlock Holmes-y.
Spencer's Look
Pros: The black leather combat boots Spencer's worn over her skinny jeans the denim-on-denim look a bit of a model-off-duty vibe, and we're total suckers for that particular look.
Cons: This whole ensemble leaves us feeling a little bit blah. Spencer's basic button-down could do with some livening up, and we think replacing it with a printed top could spice up this snorefest.

Aria's Look
Pros: Aria is never afraid to sport bold patterns, and we love her for that. This week, she wore burgundy jeans with a geometric pattern and a funky scarf with black fringe. We think her look's a little Mick Jagger and a whole lot of fun.
The back of Aria's shirt (not shown here) is shredded beyond recognition, revealing her black bra. While we are all for sexy cutouts and the like, we think Aria should ditch this shirt for one that is less Hell's Angels and more angelic.
The Winner Is: Hanna!
Why: Though we thought the jacket was a bit too much mixed in with this already eye-catching combo, we love Hanna's classy combination of white, black and yellow. She looks modern, fun and age-appropriate. We approve!